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Allegedly stolen GTA Online source code for sale


Allegedly stolen GTA Online source code for sale: Grand Theft Auto VI’s creator, Rockstar Games, not pleased when important game information recently leak online. In response to these events, the leaker also disclosed that Grand Theft Auto V’s source code was in their hands.

The public has seen 90 Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay videos. But the hacker at issue said to have obtained more critical and possibly harmful trade secrets.

Through a phishing link, they reportedly gained access to Rockstar’s Slack servers and stole “GTA 5 and 6 source code and assets” from the development team.

The hacker, under the nickname “Tea Pot,” also said they open to striking a deal in return for the code they had gotten, whether with Rockstar or not.

However, Tea Pot said in a private message that they would not accept “offers under 5 [figures]” for the source code of Grand Theft Auto V. This was about the illegal selling of the code.

Some consider $100,000 an excessive sum to pay for the illegally obtained property. However, an unconnected third party posing as Tea Pot conned one of these buyers out of that sum in a Bitcoin transaction.

If this fake transaction is to believe, there is a market for those looking to create backdoors for Grand Theft Auto V.

This kind of coding could make the game from the previous generation vulnerable to remote code execution (RCE). RCE may enable malicious actors to execute the same harmful malware on another player’s computer in an online gaming environment.

When playing in a public lobby, GTA Online gamers risk having their computer and personal information compromised by these infamous characters.

For your safety, we advise you not login into GTA Online until Rockstar fixes this problem.


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