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Agents of Vladimir Putin hacked Liz Truss’s phone


Agents of Vladimir Putin hacked Liz Truss’s phone: When Liz Truss was the foreign minister of the United Kingdom, her phone was hacked by alleged Putin campaign operatives.
The article says that the operatives had access to “top-secret secrets” about talks with foreign allies and personal letters between Truss and his close friend Kwasi Kwarteng, who later became the finance minister.

It said that the texts included information about arms supplies and conversations with top foreign ministers from around the world about the conflict in Ukraine.

The Mail said that up to a year’s worth of texts download.

A spokeswoman for the British government refused to comment on “individuals’ security preparations.”

The spokeswoman said that “the government has effective defenses against online attacks.” That involves advising ministers on securing their data and minimizing cyber dangers, as well as providing them with regular security briefings,” said the spokeswoman.

The Mail says that the breach find during the Conservative Party leadership race that Truss won.

Rishi Sunak took over as prime minister after Truss resigned last week.

The Mail says that foreigners intercepted texts in which Truss and Kwarteng said terrible things about Johnson, which “may have left the door open to blackmail.”


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