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How to adjust your Overwatch 2 crosshair


Adjust your Overwatch 2 crosshair: In Overwatch 2, your crosshair may adjust. The default crosshairs may not suit your playstyle if you want to go farther into the game, so you might want to change this.

You can make a few adjustments and have it show specific facts to provide you with additional information while you play a game.

What you need to know about changing your crosshair in Overwatch 2 is provided here.

How to change the Overwatch 2 crosshair settings

It would help if you went to the options in your Overwatch 2 settings. But, again, we advise doing this before a match or while waiting in the lobby when you are not currently playing a game.

Navigate to the Controls tab and choose General when you get to the settings. Under the Reticle options, you may change your crosshair.

The most common decision is to alter the reticle’s appearance. You may, however, go even deeper into this knowledge.

You may choose various options, such as the color of your crosshair, how thick it will look on your screen, the distance between gaps, the opacity, the size of the dots, how it scales with your resolution, and many more.

These little adjustments might simplify joining a match and make it easier to see the crosshair on your screen.

Once you have verified these parameters, your subsequent match should include them. Before attempting to use these new settings against other players, you may find it simpler to begin a training mission to test them out.

While playing Overwatch 2, you may modify these settings whenever you want.


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