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How to Add a Buddy in Overwatch 2


Add a Buddy in Overwatch 2: They said playing Overwatch 2 with others makes it better. Creating a team to compete against others in Quick Play, Competitive, or one of the Arcade modes is a lot of fun and will have you returning for more.

But it would help if you started somewhere, so here’s how to add friends in Overwatch 2.

How to Add Friends in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has several methods to add people to your buddy list. First, if you are playing a match with someone, you may open the Social menu, click on their name card, and choose to add them to your friends list.

You can also do this after a game by heading to Social and switching to Recent Players.

You will need to know their whole tag if you wish to add someone you know but haven’t played a game with. Click Add Friend under the Social option to add a friend. tags consist of a name, a hashtag, and four digits. An example of a tag might be JohnSmith#3956.

Before adding someone’s tag, you may want first to check your buddy list if you are playing on a console. They should already be included here if they have combined their account with a console account already on your buddy list.

It needs to be simple and fast to add pals. Tell them to check their social menu in Overwatch 2 or their account on the PC or mobile app since they won’t appear in your friend list until they accept your friend offer.


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