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How to access Final Fantasy XIV’s Palace of the Dead


Access Final Fantasy XIV’s Palace of the Dead: Many Deep Dungeon fans begin their journey at the Palace of the Dead, Final Fantasy XIV‘s first Deep Dungeon, and offer solo and group play opportunities as you battle your way up to the 200th level.

Understandably, so many aspirational Warriors of Light would seek out this Deep Dungeon allowed to acquire uncommon, dazzling gear, unique opponent spawning, and of course, the desired title of “The Necromancer.” How to access the Palace of the Dead detailed below.

Access Final Fantasy XIV’s Palace of the Dead

The quest “The House That Death Built,” which is situated in New Gridania, must completed to access The Palace of the Dead. But first, go to the Carline Canopy and speak with Nojiro Marujiro (X: 12.0, Y: 13.1).

To accept this quest, players must be at least level 17 in the Disciple of War or Magic career and have finished the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell.”

Speaking with the Wood Wailer expeditionary commander in the South Shroud will let you access the Deep Dungeon after you have achieved Palace of the Dead (Quarrymill X:25.2, Y:20.6). Only the party leader will allow to begin the instance when arriving in a group.

No limits on roles or jobs will prevent players from entering with either a fixed or matched party. Due to this feature, Palace of the Dead is a perfect spot to level DPS professions without having to wait in the duty roulette lineups for a half-hour.

Suppose you’re concerned about your gear level. In that case, you may wear those 0-stat Mogstation outfits without instantaneously wiped when a monster sneezes since the Palace of the Dead has its different leveling system and exclusive gear stats in the form of Aetherpool Armor and Aetherpool Armor.

Yes, this also implies that your birthday suit is acceptable attire for the Palace of the Dead. To my luck.


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