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How to accept an Overwatch 2 buddy request


Accept an Overwatch 2 buddy request: The ideal way to enjoy Overwatch 2 is with a group of players. So naturally, you’ll want companions at your side so you can transmit enemy positions to them and have fun playing the game.

You must first add your reliable friends to your friend list before you can accomplish that. So here’s how to accept an Overwatch 2 buddy invitation if your friend gave you one and you can’t seem to locate it.

Where in Overwatch 2 can you accept friend invitations?

When a buddy invites you to Overwatch 2’s main menu, a notification should show at the top of the screen, telling you who it is and providing you the choice to accept or decline the request. If you didn’t get the invitation, you may still access the Social menu and look for it there.

Your buddy invites may not appear if Overwatch 2‘s servers are down. Therefore, you will need to exit the game to locate them. However, you may log in to the mobile app on your phone after downloading it and leaving the game on your PC to access your buddy list straight from there.

Both methods are quick, and you should inform once you use one in the game.

Our primary advice for accepting friend requests in Overwatch 2 at the moment is the latter due to the unfortunate fact that the game’s debut had quite a few server difficulties.

We advise checking out and re-signing into the service if no friend requests are being sent and you are confident that your friends have entered your tag correctly. If the servers are not having problems, they should restart everything.


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