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A new Overwatch 2 bug locks players’ heroes


A new Overwatch 2 bug locks players’ heroes: Numerous queue issues, game disconnects, and even reports of skins purchase at random for just typing in the chat have plagued your debut. Another strange glitch shutting off certain characters for gamers adds to the buffet of launch concerns.

Nobody is hiding that the Overwatch 2 launch has been nothing less than terrible, like a Looney Tunes spectacular of broken doors leading to other broken doors. Now, gamers from all around the world are saying that several heroes are practically unplayable.

Cassidy could already lock if you wanted to use him as your DPS selection. Ashe, too. Also, D.Va.

It’s also not the case that new heroes unintentionally lock out gamers. For example, OG characters like Symmetra, Cassidy, and Bastion could not select a match while this issue was present.

In actuality, more than half of the heroes barred. Yikes.

Reddit is receiving several reports of this glitch overflowing the New Posts page. In contrast to the less frequent problem where gamers unintentionally bought skins by typing in the chat, this bug seems relatively widespread. (We were able to duplicate it readily.)

The only thing we can do in this case is shrug since there isn’t much conjecture as to why this error is occurring.

Hopefully, this problem will be resolved during maintenance on Friday at 7 PM PT.

While unlocking heroes should undoubtedly be at the top of Blizzard’s list of priorities during this maintenance, it is also hoped that lines and connection difficulties will resolve. Unfortunately, there are still a ton of issues that Blizzard has to address.


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