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A bus fire in Pakistan claims at least 18 lives


A bus fire in Pakistan claims at least 18 lives: According to authorities, the bus they were riding in caught fire and killed at least 18 flood survivors from Pakistan, including eight children and nine women.

Hashim Brohi, a police officer, said that the large family took a bus from Karachi, a port city in the south, to their village of Khairpur Nathan Shah when they heard that the flood waters had gone down. They were some of the tens of thousands of people who moved to Karachi because of the terrible floods that hit the country.

According to Brohi, the event happened late on Wednesday night close to the Nooriabad Hills Hike, which is not far from the neighborhood’s police and fire stations. As the police and fire truck were on the scene in no time, Brohi said, “the closeness saved the lives of many bus passengers.”

The air conditioning unit short-circuited, causing the bus to catch fire.

He said that emergency workers took people who hurt to the best hospitals in Jamshoro and Nooriabad. After the necessary legal procedures, the burned remains will give to the family.

Bus fires are routine in Pakistan, where safety regulations are lax, and traffic laws often break.


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