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7-year-old suffocated in Kentucky adolescent treatment facility; 2 staff fired


7-year-old suffocated in Kentucky adolescent treatment facility: A medical examiner has determined that the death of a 7-year-old boy at a children’s residential facility in Kentucky was a murder, and two staff members have dismissed.

Ja’Ceon Terry passed away on July 17 due to “positional asphyxia,” which means that his body position prevented him from breathing. Besides the fact that the youngster declare deceased at a hospital, no further information given.

Ja’Ceon looked after by staff members at the Brooklawn Children’s Treatment Center in Louisville when he passed away. The center provides therapeutic foster care to “Kentucky’s most vulnerable teenagers and their families”

No charges have brought against anybody as of Monday.

According to Aaron Ellis, a spokesperson for Louisville Metro Police, the matter is still under investigation.

In an email, Ellis said that after gathering all the information on the death, she would give it to the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, which would then decide how to proceed.

Two of the staff who engaged in the event have dismissed, according to a statement from Seven Counties Services. This runs the facility for children with emotional or mental health concerns.

When USA TODAY contacted the government for the names, job descriptions, and length of time, they did not respond.

The business expressed its “totally saddened” status after the “unspeakable death of a kid in our care” in a statement.

The statement adds, “He should not have passed away under our watch.” “We are committed to ensuring that it never occurs again as guardians of Kentucky’s most vulnerable children.”

The state Cabinet for Health and Family Services has put almost all of the children at the facilities in the state’s foster care system. Ninety-three foster children were in the agency’s care as of last week.

The government stated it “mourns the death of any child or any person of whatever age under its care” in a separate statement.

According to a statement given by spokeswoman Susan Dunlap, “This pain was heightened further upon obtaining the findings of the autopsy, indicating asphyxiation as the cause of death.”

The Cabinet is investigating the death, but it won’t provide any conclusions since the investigation is ongoing. Brooklawn is undergoing a “full assessment,” thus the Cabinet has temporarily ceased sending youngsters there.

Additional Staff Training

Seven Counties listed the many actions it has taken since the tragedy in a statement.

It claimed that the organization had improved training in relationship-building and de-escalation techniques for staff members who directly care for children. Additionally, it said that staff members are receiving new training in therapeutic approaches.

It also enhanced juvenile screening and assessment before they admitted to Brooklawn and strengthened leadership presence and supervision in children’s cottages.

About Ja’Ceon’s demise, the statement said, “We are still seeking answers to the numerous questions concerning what transpired on that Sunday afternoon.” The Brooklawn administration has pledged to keep working with the federal, state, and local authorities looking into this tragedy.


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