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28 people are dead as Julia dumps rain on Central America


28 people are dead as Julia dumps rain on Central America: After battering Nicaragua, the former Hurricane Julia faded. But it is still raining in torrents in Guatemala and El Salvador as of Monday.
The storm is believed to have killed at least 28 individuals directly or indirectly.

According to Guatemala’s disaster prevention agency, five people buried alive when a slope in the province of Alta Verapaz fell on top of their home. Nine individuals passed away in Huehuetenango, close to Mexico, including a soldier who murdered while doing rescue operations.

According to El Salvadorian authorities, five Salvadoran Army troops kill after a wall of the home where they took shelter fell in Comayagua, where hundreds of police and soldiers had been conducting anti-gang operations. Another soldier suffered harm.

In the village of Guatajiagua in the east of El Salvador, two more people perished after a wall of their house collapsed due to heavy rainfall. In El Salvador, two more men died due to falling trees and currents.

El Salvador issued a state of emergency and established 80 storm shelters due to rivers overflowing their banks.

Three individuals perished when their boat flooded or sank in northern Honduras. While a 22-year-old woman died when she was carried away by currents in adjacent Honduras. A fallen tree claimed the life of a guy in Nicaragua.

Julia made landfall early on Sunday in the central Caribbean coast of Nicaragua as a hurricane with gusts that might reach 85 mph (140 kph). After surviving the journey through the country’s hilly terrain, Julia landed in the Pacific late that day as a tropical storm.

By Monday, Julia had crossed Guatemala’s interior, and its winds had decreased to 30 mph (45 kph).

According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center, Julia was approximately 125 kilometers (80 miles) west-northwest of Guatemala City and was moving at 15 mph in that direction (24 kph).

The storm anticipates dumping as much as 15 inches (38 centimeters) of rain in some isolated regions. According to the center, and floods and mudslides are probable over Central America and southern Mexico through Tuesday.

Around 1,300 people had to evacuate their houses in Guatemala due to floods and raging streams. While two individuals reported missing, and two hospitalize.

As it moves down the Guatemalan coast, Julia expects to weaken later on Monday.

According to a report published on Sunday by Colombia’s national disaster office, Julia tore off the roofs of numerous homes.

In addition, she uprooted trees when they passed San Andres Island, located east of Nicaragua. There were no reports of deaths as of yet.

9,500 people have evacuated to shelters in Nicaragua, according to Vice President Rosario Murillo, who spoke to TN8 television.

Additionally, Panama, Honduras, and Costa Rica experienced heavy rains and evacuations, and parts of their roadways shut down.


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