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13 Pune College students test positive for Covid-19


13 Pune College students test positive for Covid-19.

At least 13 students from an engineering school in Pune’s Maharashtra city tested positive for coronavirus, an official from the institution said on Monday.

All of these students, currently in the third year of the engineering course, are “largely asymptomatic” and isolated at home, said Prashant Dave, a registrar at MIT’s World Peace University, with which the institution is affiliated.

“As we follow strict measures, we screened our students at the main gate (of the institution). During the evaluation, a student was found to have a runny nose and they sent him back immediately and his parents were asked to obtain his RT – PCR test is done, “said the official.

After the student’s test report came back positive for the coronavirus, his close contacts were traced, he said. “A group of 25 students, including the index case (the first student to test positive), was part of a team preparing for a national competition and working together on an all-terrain vehicle in the university workshop.

Then, all the close contacts were traced, isolated, and subjected to RT-PCR tests. So far, 13 students have tested positive, eight are negative and the results of four students are awaited, “said the official.

All infected students are in home isolation and are largely asymptomatic, he said. “We closely monitor their health and are in constant contact with the families,” the official said.

All 25 students who underwent the tests were fully vaccinated, he said. As a precautionary measure, the offline classes for this particular batch have been switched to online mode, he added.


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